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What are The Products That Use USB Type C Cable ?

At today’s digital time, there are more and more new-style devices, and all of these would require for a cable as well as the most common one is the USB cable. By far, USB is the most important and widespread

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Cyber Monday Cable Deal

On Black Friday, many online stores will offer a big discount to attract customers. Are you still want to buy something cheap after Black Friday? Continue to buy on Cyber Monday is a good choice for you. It is time

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The introduction of the USB

According to WIKI:”Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an industry standard developed in the mid-1990s that defines the cables, connectors and communications protocols used in a bus for connection, communication, and power supply between computers and electronic devices”. USB is a

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Frequently Asked Questions on USB (Universal Serial Bus)

What is USB? USB is a easy way to connect peripherals to your computer.It can be used for a wide range of devices such as scanners, cameras, keyboards, speakers – almost anything to your computer. What is USB good for?

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Moving Season— The Must Have Cables for Your New Home

Moving Day (French: Fête du déménagement) is a tradition in Quebec province falls on the same day as Canada Day, July 1st. Since only around 40% of residents own their home, Moving day has been described as “madness busy”. We

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Hot Selling Fishbone 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub for Desktop and Laptop

Want buy a cute and smart USB hub for your computer? 123InkCartridges introduce to you a Fishbone USB 2.0 hub, which include 4 ports usb expansion. At this special moment, we offer to our customers the lowest price in the

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Small Gift Big Surprise Digital 8GB Picture Frame Keyring

  If you are looking for some fresh, small, and creative gift for your friends this x’mas. 123InkCartridges come up some new ideas for you now.$11.99 A nice Keyring which can display Digital Picture or analog clock on a 1.5’’

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Incredible Combination: Mobile Power Bank Charger 6800mAh for iPhone iPad iPod Table PC MP3/4 and PSP

We you see the power chargers lay on all over the place in your home, do you ever think must get a universal power charger for all your portable devices? Now, you can buy a super combination mobile power charger

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Eco Friendly: TP-Link Green Technology

Today, Eco thinking influences our whole life, whole working environment in 123 Ink Cartridges —from the materials we choise to our smaller packging that we try to do use less space for more energy efficient transpotation. Now, we highly recommend

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Great Deal! Belkin F5U201 In-Desk 4 Port USB Hub!

Do you have a ton of peripherals and some that you use on top of your desk? The Belkin in-desk hubs look good installed, and are a great idea for organize your table! Now, Belkin In Desk 4 port USB

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