An year-end overview about Primecables site

This might be a simple question to our customers, “what is primecables?” Where do you see ourselves in 5 years?”,  no matter if I am talking to my clients, friends or even networking contacts from same industries, this question keep echoing around my ears and coming up so so many different kinds of answers. Yeah!  the answer can be either simple at the same time very complicated, but there is one thing that we usually keep in mind, we are aiming to a bigger dream & we want to bring evolution to the cable industry rather than just being a cheap cable seller. By definition of becoming big, I meant we want to become Canada’s No.1 retail store specializing all type of cable products, at the same time, we existed to offer a better solution where we could erase the grudges where consumers have bear it for years without any single changes, right now it’s the perfect timing for us to bash it away by giving our customers the best solution that they could ever get!

Since the beginning of the year, we have been emphasizing “We make stronger cable” into our motto for our cable site,  we introduced many specialized product concepts, starting from our nylon braided cable solution, the idea was originally inspired from our everyday true stories, where we  are living surrounded by pets, children or even extreme temperature conditions, applying our nylon braided cable will definitely make our lives easier,with all mean that from now on, you will only need to spend 50% less than any other places for a cable which won’t be chewed from pets, broken by cold weather and any casual damage that you had ever imaging? I am sure that our customers are smarter than us!

Nylon braided cable

Nylon braided cable

Helping our customer to set up their home theater is another solution that we offer to our customers, where people often find it difficult  to acquire equipment from stores, where you usually got ignored, abandoned and you just got y lost in the crowd and you found yourself hopeless!  That’s why Primecables plays an important role by explaining what devices that you will need and what kind of home theatre cable that you will need for that, we are very proud about our TV wall mount  & speaker wall mount quality, so does our routers, subwoofers, HDMI splitters as well as other ” coming soon projectors” product lines that are waiting for you to explore.

home theatre infographic from primecables

hometheatreinfographic fromprimecables

After many successful stories as well as failures, we start to realize the importance of building our brands, YES! We have been selling cables at an affordable price for a quite amount of  time , our cable costs 30-50% cheaper than most places under similar quality range, however, we are not satisfied at all, we do not want to create price competition in loop, in fact,  that is not the reason why Primecables existed, we exist for making premium cable for solving people’s problems, hence, branding by becoming the best in the market seems promising to us, we start to build our “ Primecables” brand cables with new design, packaging and a completely strictly manufacturing procedures, the results was super great!  We receive lots of positive feedbacks from the customers how they are happy from our cables, and the most important thing, we double up our revenue than last years, this all mean that customers start to recognize our existence for purchasing our cable products, this really feels great!

What Primecables will achieve in the year of 2016?

One thing that we can asert to you, we are constantly developing interesting product lines with superior quality under affordable price range, the mobile power charging station is one of the potential item that we are looking forward to, following  up with our Type-C USB cables, plus different purposes HDMI cable or professional audio cables, we are sure that these products will constantly bring you surprises, as I said before, this is just the beginning, there is much more useful contents that are about to come ! Please stay tuned!

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