Top 15 Black Friday Cable Deals at Primecables

Black Friday is coming soon, a  high-end gadget like an entertainment laptop, HDTV or game console must be on your holiday wish lists. On the largest shopping event of the year, if you’re lucky enough to buy such a high-end video device for your home theater system, you’ll probably save a large amount of money. After buying a new high-definition television, a HDMI cable will be an essential accessory for you to build your home entertainment system. A HDMI cable can assure a better image quality and enhanced experience when you’re watching videos.

HDMI Cables are compatible with a wide range of electronic products, includes laptops, computers, TV sets and so on. Through connecting a audio or video source to an audio or video monitor, a HDMI cable can offer refined audio/video experience to the user. But not all the audios or monitors are equipped with samely-shaped ports, sometimes you will find that not all HDMI Cables might be suited. In such case, it is necessary for you to use a properly-shaped HDMI adapter, so that you can achieve your entertainment purpose or work goal.

HDMI Cable

HDMI Cable

In order to buy the right HDMI cable, you should know how many types of HDMI cables have? There are five types of HDMI Cables:

(1)Standard HDMI Cable:The Standard HDMI cable is designed to meet the need of most home applications, can reliably transmit 1080i or 720p video.

(2)Standard HDMI Cable with Ethernet:Same as the Standard HDMI Cable can work for 1080i or 720p devices, with the addition of a dedicated Ethernet channel.

(3)Standard Automotive HDMI Cable:Same as the Standard HDMI Cable can work for 1080i or 720p devices, but it was designed for automotive application, and can not support HDMI Ethernet Channel.

(4)High Speed HDMI Cable:Designed to handle 1080p video resolution, used for 3D, 4K such advanced display technologies.

(5)High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet:Same as the High Speed HDMI Cable, with the addition of dedicated data channel for Internet connectivity.

If you want to buy a HDMI cable, do not buy it in store, the price is quite expensive. In fact, almost all HDMI Cables are the same, and cheap cables can produce the exact same picture and sound quality as expensive cables, so you don’t have to waste your money. Come to on Black Friday, you can buy a high quality HDMI Cable with substantial discount, and enjoy a fast shipping.

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