The Best Speaker Wire Buying Guide for Black Friday

As we all know, all the physical shops and online shops will offer dramatic discount on Black Friday. This is a such great opportunity for you to buy the products you want with fair prices. This opportunity appears one time a year and it is not wise for you to miss it. I know some of you enjoy listening to music at home with your high-class acoustic devices. My advice for you is to buy good speaker wire for your acoustic devices on Black Friday. If you do not know how to choose them and where to buy them, this article can definitely help you.

The first thing you should do to select a speaker wire is to measure the length of the wire between speaker and the power source. Usually, 10 to 12 feet is long enough for home. Secondly, you should decide which gauge wire you want to use. The common gauges are 12 AWG, 14 AWG, 16 AWG, 18 AWG. You should use 12 AWG wire on up to 30-foot runs; 14 AWG wire on up to 18-foot runs; and 16AWG wire on up to 10-foot runs. The higher the gauge number is, the thinner the speaker wire is and the less current it carries, because thinner wire has more electrical resistance than that of the thicker wire of the same length. Thirdly, you should figure it out how you want to install your speaker wire and make sure you want a in-wall installation or not. If you want to install the wire inside the wall, you should buy the speaker wire especially designed for in-wall installation. Last but not least, you will need a pair of banana plugs for the connection of your acoustic device and your speaker wire. There are different kinds of banana plugs and you should choose them according to your need.

Speaker Wire

Speaker Wire

Therefore, it will be wise for you to buy speaker wires and banana plugs together. 50ft Speaker Wire 12AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Cable is available on You should also buy other length on our website. Our website also offer banana plugs for you to choose. They are not expensive but are all of good quality. will offer you free shipping on your first order over $10 and offer free shipping for all the orders over $49. We will spare no effort to give you a happy shopping experience!

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