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Nowadays, you can still hear about quite a few people asking the questions such as, TV floor stand or TV Wall Mount, which one should I install for my HDTV? Well! It depends on which kind of TV you have in the house. Obviously, for the traditional bulky TVs built around CRT technologies, TV floor Stands is still the first choice. Because it might be too heavy to hang them on the wall. Almost all the TV in the market has updated into LED/LCD/OLED TV. And it become bigger and thinner. Due to limited of our room space, it might be more difficult to find a perfect TV floor stand for this kind of flat-panel. TV Wall Mount clearly becomes a much more popular choice for us.

The current choice is natural with the adoption of the Led flat panel TVs. Unlike the traditional TV sets bulky in size, flat panels become thinner and lighter even for larger screen size. This makes it more suitable to hang on the wall. A TV Wall mount will allow you to watch your TV from your favorite angle and do not have to squeeze all the furniture away from a big TV floor stand. A Tilt Wall Mount Bracket allows families to free up precious floor space and detach TV from other furniture. There are some kinds of TV wall mounts are able to offer the tilting functions. A Full Motion Flat-Panel TV Wall Mount allows you adjust the TV facing a broad range of angles for flexible view. So without moving your LED TV all the way around, you can watch TV from your dinner table, as well as, your sofa.

How to choose the most appropriate Wall Mount Bracket for your TV? There are many choices in the market for TV wall mounts. Here we offer some basic guidelines and examples. The first and foremost point is that the chosen wall mount must be sturdy enough to maintain the security of your flat panel TV. Most wall mount brackets can support up to 50 kilograms, which is above even the 60-70 inch flat-panels. Then security mainly depends on how you install the wall mount. Secure installation may be discussed in future blogs. The second point is the expandability of TV wall mount. If you are not sure whether you will upgrade your TV in screen size and don’t want to drill more holes on your beautiful walls, then you may want the option to replace your flat-panel without the need to change wall mount. In fact, many brackets can handle TV set within a broad range – 30 inches to 70 inches. The third point is about cost. Wall mount brackets in the market are priced in the range from $30 to over $100. If you considered premium brands and quality will cost you more, than that is not 100% right. offers very economical solution to wall mount with the best quality for your TV .These wall mounts have gained the credit from the market. Now they offering 15% off+ free shipping promotion on TV wall mount. Valid until Dec. 5th. 2015. As for my knowledge, normally speaking the shipping itself could cost for a TV wall mount would be around 8$-15$. So it is a pretty decent deal!

Check it out today! There are very large varieties in choice, mostly at half the market price.

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