It’s the Time to Upgrade Your HDMI Cable Before the Chrismas Arrived

Chrismas Day is approaching. Most people like to invite friends to go to their houses to chat and play. Those people who have children like to share pictures to their friends and to show how adorable their children are. However, people like to store pictures in their computers and the screen of the computer are not big enough to display the pictures to all of the friends. So, these people want to connect their computers and televisions to use the television as a screen to show the pictures to their friends. But not most people know how to connect these two devices, let alone what kind of HDMI cables they need to use.

HDMI Cables

HDMI Cables

Actually, what you need is a HDMI cable. Some people may argue that a DVI cable or a VGA cable, which is cheaper than a HMDI cable, can also enable the connection between the television and the computer. Frankly speaking, if you use the latter two kinds of cable two connect the devices, you will fail to get a HD graphic quality. Besides, DVI cables can not out put the signal of sound and they are not recommended if you want to display video from your laptop on the TV screen. You should be careful not to mistaken the interface of the cable. For example, when it comes to inserting television, HDMI should be connected the port with label or port name “Input 1”or “HDMI1”. Then you turn on the TV and use the remote control to select the “Input”or “Source”that matches the port name used to connect the HDMI cable. If your laptop has no HDMI interface, then you can buy a cable which can converse the signal from DVI to HDMI because usually laptops has the port for DVI. If you just have one cable that have two HDMI interfaces and your laptop has no port for HDMI, do you need to buy another cable? Absolutely not! What you need to buy is an adapter which can connect the DVI interface and the HDMI interface. An adapter is usually much cheaper than a cable.

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