Importance of Testing Network Cable

Nowadays, Internet is widely used in business and daily life, especially the broadband Internet, is the most used way of Internet, can provide an access of high speed for business users or individual users. Network connectivity is of great importance for both business or family users, without an unimpeded network connectivity, it will bring inconvenience  for business  to connect the world or their customers. For family users, if the network isn’t working right, the daily activities will be affected to a certain extent. Sometimes it is not difficult to recognize the problem while the cable is damaged, but if there is an intermittent cabling problem, you will find it is not easy to solve.

Broadband allows a continuous connection to the Internet, its ‘High-Speed’ function means that we can enjoy a faster browsing on the web, not only that, it also gives us a faster download of documents, musics, photos, videos, large files and so on. Broadband is of great use for both routine work and daily entertainment, but it is not continual all  the time, user error or other problems(such as cable problems) can result in network paralysis. Without network, it won’t cause too much impact for family users, maybe they just can not enjoy more entertainment through Internet temporarily. But for an IT manager, it will be very severe, the network bottlenecks and downtime can ruin his day. So it is important to test a network cable for continuity.

Network Cable Tester

Network Cable Tester

A network cable tester is used to test Network Cable to see if it is not broken, cut or damage by using electricity to test the cable for continuity. The tester can identify if the wires are paired correctly, and it can also tell whether the cable has the proper level of resistance. Basic network cable testers are used to test for simple connectivity issues, and establish physical connections to routers. Network cable tester is such a tester frequently used to tell whether a patch cable will work before it is connected.

After testing a network cable, you will know whether the cable is broken or not, so that you can decide if you want to buy a new network cable.If you want to buy a new cable, just come to, there are high quality Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, Cat7 Network Cables at fari price. And you can also get a Network Cable Tester.

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