How to Choose a TV Wall Mount?

Nowadays, TV cabinet is becoming less popular because it is not very useful. It is usually a big chunk which occupies a large place at a house and makes your house look smaller. Besides, it can just store some odds and ends and its capacity to store is so small. TV wall mount has already become a new favorite among people because of it flexibility. It spares the space of the house and is easy to install. Besides, its angle can be adjusted which makes you feel comfortable no matter you stand or sit on the floor while you are watching TV.

Although TV wall mountis so popular, there are something you should pay attention when you are selecting wall mount. The first thing you should pay attention is the material. Television is such a big heavy chunk and it need something which can beat its weigh to hold it. That means a TV wall mount should be made of heavy duty material. The second thing is about the size of your TV. A certain TV wall mount is not suitable for all size of television. So, before buying a wall mount, you should firstly figure out the size of your TV. If your TV is too big for the wall mount, it may damage both your TV and your wall mount. And it is so dangerous if your TV is too small for the wall mount because your TV can not be tightly hold and it may fell down. The third thing is about the small components of the wall mount. For example, you should check if the bolt can be tightened and if it is perfectly match the brackets.

TV Wall Mount

TV Wall Mount

When you are placing all the components of the wall mount together, you should be very serious because one little mistake can ruin the stability of the wall mount. Before you start to install your wall mount on to the wall, you should firstly mark the exact location of mounting holes. Then you can use the electric drill to drill the pilot holes. After fixing the wall plate on to the wall, you can install the adapter brackets to your television. Carefully hang your TV on to the wall plate. You had better find a helper to hang it with you. Tighten the two bolts to secure the brackets and then you can adjust the the angle of your television.

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