How to Buy the Right HDMI Cable

Nowadays, home entertainment technology has entered into the digital age. In order to keep up with home theater, modern TVs, stereos and so on, high-quality connector cables have to improve and revise as well. HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface, in the home entertainment industry, it represents a breakthrough. It can also offer a single-cable solution for both audio and video connectivity on high-definition devices, such as Blu-ray players, computers, DVD players and game consoles which have HDMI outputs. The goal of HDMI was to  create an easy way for consumers to connect their televisions to home theaters and other devices, so that they can enjoy more wonderful entertainment. As the high-definition television(HDTV) hit the market, the demand of HDMI cable is becoming more and more. Not all HDMI cables are the same, buying a single cable for your home theater is complicated. Before buying a HDMI cable, it is important for you to understand how many types of connector and HDMI Cable have, so that you can buy the right type of connector and cable.

There are four types of connectors created for specific use:

(1)Standard HDMI:19-pin connector, the width is 19mm ,can be used for home theater and general commercial applications

(2)Extended Pin HDMI:29-pin connector, the width is 21.20mm, not used for any application

(3)Mini HDMI:19-pin connector, the width is 11.20mm, specifically used for video cameras

(4)Micro HDMI:19-pin connector, the width is 6.40mm, used for cell phones, miniature video cameras such small portable devices

According to these information, you can easily find the right type of connector what you need.

There are five major HDMI cable types for you to choose:

(1)Standard HDMI Cable:The Standard HDMI cable is designed to meet the need of most home applications, can reliably transmit 1080i or 720p video.

(2)Standard HDMI Cable with Ethernet:Same as the Standard HDMI Cable can work for 1080i or 720p devices, with the addition of a dedicated Ethernet channel

(3)Standard Automotive HDMI Cable:Same as the Standard HDMI Cable can work for 1080i or 720p devices, but it was designed for automotive application, and can not support HDMI Ethernet Channel.

(4)High Speed HDMI Cable:Designed to handle 1080p video resolution, used for 3D, 4K such advanced display technologies.

(5)High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet:Same as the High Speed HDMI Cable, with the addition of dedicated data channel for Internet connectivity.

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