Why Should I Wall Mount My Flat Screen TV?

Many TV owners will always be upset about whether they should mount their TV or not. If you don’t want to mount your TV, maybe you could buy a piece of furniture to place your television, but it takes up too much space and can not offer you much flexibility; if you decide to wall mount the television, you will probably be worried about its stability, and maybe you are also unconfident that you can mount the TV at the proper position. Before making your decision, let me tell you something about the benefits of wall mounting a TV.

TV Wall Mount

TV Wall Mount

(1)Safety First:Every year, there are thousands of children getting injured from a fallen TV. Placing an enormous television on a piece of furniture can cause accidental bumps and tipping, mounting the TV on the wall can prevent such accident happening. A wall mount can anchor the TV to avoid tipping.

(2)Clean, Neat Look:A done right wall mounted tv can create a clean, neat look for your room, after mounting the TV securely, there will be 1 and 3 inches distance between the TV and the wall, so that you can hide all the TV wires. Such an ultra-clean look, futhermore, you can decorate around the TV with some nice photos. When guests are not interested in the TV programs, they can enjoy your wonderful wall photo album. Great idea, isn’t it?

(3)Best Viewing Angle:By adjusting the wall mount, you can put the TV at the proper height that brings you the optimal viewing angle and maximizes your viewing experience.Watching TV at the wrong height, it will be easy for you to get a stiff neck. Using a piece of furniture to place your TV, your TV can just put at a fixed position, it will be difficult for you to find a location with best viewing angle.

(4)Save Space:If you place the TV on a piece of furniture, as the size of the television you buy increases, the furniture has to replace for a bigger one. A piece of furniture will take up lots of space.

(5)Theft Resistance:If your TV is mounted securely on the wall, then it is less likely to be stolen. Burglars can not grab a mounted TV quickly, it will take them much time to remove the television from the mount.

Mounting a TV is not so difficult as you think, the whole job can be done completely by 1-2 people within an hour. If you are looking for a wall mount for your big television, PrimeCables.com can be a ideal choice for you, there are various TV wall mounts for you to choose.

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