Where Should I Place My Flat Screen TV?

In recent years, it is no difficult to find that the trend of Television Industry towards producing bigger, skinner and lighter products. Nowadays, a flat screen TV becomes more and more affordable, plus its high-definition screen, in order to enjoy a greater entertainment, more and more people will choose to buy a flat screen TV. This type of television is awesome, but it is much lighter than a CRT model, so it will be easier to fall down. The screen may seem light to adults, but for kids, it is heavy enough, can cause serious injury.

If you have a flat screen television, I don’t recommend you to hold the TV on a piece of furniture, you’d better purchase a flat TV wall mount to hold the TV on the wall in the location you like.

Flat TV Wall  Mount

Flat TV Wall Mount

If you have young children, and you place your big television on a piece of furniture, sometimes you may find that your kids would climb on the TV, they just feel it is interesting, but they can not realise that the television can pose such a threat to them. The shape of a CRT TV is like a box, and it weighed a ton, so it is not easy to move a CRT TV. But a flat screen TV is light, and it is thin, it will be easily fallen down or tipped over, kids will be at great risk. Even if you don’t have young children, not to place your TV on the furniture will be wise, because you can avoid your television getting ruined.

Mounting a flat screen TV on the wall is a pleasing experience you can enjoy. Before wall mounting your TV, read manufacturer’s instructions for both the television and the wall mount very carefully, so that you can guarantee its stability. If you mount a TV on the wall in the living room, you will find the TV wall mount allows more functionality, you can often adjust the angle of the television, so that you can obtain a perfect visual effet wherever you sit. You can also hide all the cables behind the wall, it can give you a much cleaner apperance. Mounting your TV on the wall, you can maximize your viewing experience, and create a better home theater.

Now, it is time to make a decision. If you still want to place your television on a piece of furniture, please do something to assure your TV won’t fall down easily; if you want to mount the TV, just come to PrimeCables.com to buy a tilt TV wall mount or a full motion wall mount.

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