What about Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wires?

Nowadays, you properly always scan some words about oxygen-free copper speaker wires when you surf on the Internet and look through the description of speaker wires. So our company PrimeCables.ca also show a variety of oxygen-free copper speaker wires for your convenience. There is no deny that oxygen-free copper speaker wire is a common and high quality wire for home audio system. There are some scientific principles as follow.

Oxygen-free copper (OFC) or Oxygen-free high thermal conductivity (OFHC) copper generally refer to a group of wrought high conductivity copper alloys that have been electrolytically refined to reduce the level of oxygen to 0.001% or below. Perhaps, it should be more accurately called oxygen reduced copper.

C11000 is the most common copper. It is universal for electrical applications. Electrolytic-Tough-Pitch (ETP) has a minimum conductivity rating of 100% IACS and is required to be 99.9% pure. It has 0.02% to 0.04% oxygen content (typical). Most C11000 sold today will meet or exceed the 101% IACS specification. For the purposes of purity percentage, silver (Ag) content is counted as copper (Cu).

C10200 is known as Oxygen-Free (OF). Its conductivity rating is no better than the more common C11000 grade mentioned above. However, it has a 0.001% oxygen content, 99.95% purity and minimum 100% IACS conductivity. For the purposes of purity percentage, silver (Ag) content is counted as copper (Cu).

C10100 is known as Oxygen-Free Electronic (OFE). This is a 99.99% pure copper with 0.0005% oxygen content. It achieves a minimum 101% IACS conductivity rating. Silver (Ag) here is considered an impurity in the OFE chemical specification. This copper is finished to a final form in a carefully regulated, oxygen-free environment. It is also the most expensive of the three grades.

50ft Speaker Wire 14AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Cable PrimeCables

50ft Speaker Wire 14AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Cable PrimeCables

Many owners of high-end audio and video equipment love oxygen-free copper cables. Behind this demand is the belief that it will have enhanced conductivity or other electrical properties that are significantly advantageous to audio signal transmission. However, as indicated above, most C11000 common copper sold today meets or exceeds the 101% IACS conductivity and overlaps C10200 that has a minimum of 100% IACS conductivity. In practice, there is no significant difference in conductivity between all three of the grades as far as audio use is concerned. Different lengths of oxygen-free copper speaker wires adopt 99.95% pure copper from our company PrimeCables with a reasonable  price. PrimeCable.ca is the Created-in-Canada cable brand and is an international producer and provider of professional cable solutions. With several years of experience in the industry, we specialize in producing reliable and affordable cables that provide a simple installation experience. We hope you enjoy these speaker wires.

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