Something You Should Know About DIY Network Cable

Some people like to make network cables by themselves instead of buying the ready-made cables. It is not just because they enjoy the process of building something, but also because making a network cable is comparatively less expensive than buying a ready-made one. Usually, a 1000ft CAT-5e bulk network cable costs $80 and a package of 10 CAT-5e plugs costs $2. That means it just costs you about $1 to make a CAT-5e network cable by yourself. Some online shop even offers a combo which includes a 1000ft CAT-5e network cable and a package of 100 CAT-5e plugs, and it just needs you less than $120. Generally speaking, it takes you almost $2 to buy a ready-made 10ft CAT-5e network cable online, about half the price higher than the cable you manufacture.

Bulk Network Cable

Bulk Network Cable

Before you start to make a network cable, you should firstly choose the cable you want. I recommend you to choose in an online shop because online shops offer more kinds of cables and it displays the products in a very clean way which enables you to find the product you want more easily. Before going to online shop, you should figure out the type, length and color of the network cables you want to buy. There are nine types of network cable, including CAT-1, CAT-2, CAT-3, CAT-4, CAT-5, CAT-5e, CAT-6, CAT-6e, and CAT-7. The most commonly used type nowadays is CAT-5e network cables. If you need a faster transmission speed you can choose CAT-6, CAT-6e and CAT-7. Network cables have so many different colors and lengths and you can choose the color and the length according to your need.

Making network cables is not very complicated, but there are some problems you should pay attention to when you making them. A network cable includes two parts: skin and 8 lines inside. The 8 line should be connected into the plug according to a certain order. If you make a mistake in the order, you will fail to make you network cable work. And the plug is also a key to making a network cable work. Therefore, you should choose a plug with a standard size and can be perfectly connected with the computer socket. After inserting it into the socket, you should pull it out as less frequent as possible.

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