Some Useful Skills for You to Choose a Network Cable

The people who use computers only to scan some normal websites may not be so concerned about their internet speed. But for those who like playing computer games or like watching the movie with HD graphic quality on their computers, internet speed is the key to winning the games or to watch the movies smoothly. Nobody wants to meet the network jam when he almost win the game and no one wants to be forced to pause the movie when the highlight of the movie comes. And the internet speed is closely related to the quality of the network cable. Buying a suitable network cable is not as a simple task as it appears and you should first master some selecting skills before choosing a network cable.

Before choosing a network cable, you should firstly figure out how much money you are going to pay for this cable. Usually, in the case of the same length, a network cable will assure you a better quality if it is of a higher price. With a bigger expense, you can get a network cable with faster transmission speed and the different speeds are marked by the different type of the cables, such as CAT-5e, CAT-6, and CAT-6e. Nowadays, the most frequently-used network cable is CAT-5e. However, CAT-5e may not satisfy some of the computer games players or those who are obsessed with the HD graphic quality. In this case, people should choose network cables of a higher class, such as CAT-6, CAT-6e, and even CAT-7 to meet the demand of the faster transmission speed.

Network Cable

Network Cable

After you get your network cable, maybe you will confuse about how to test its quality. Here are some useful skills for you. First is about testing the transmission speed of the network cable. What you need to do is to connect two computers which can work very well with clean computer systems and are installed with good network cards. Then you send data within this two computers and see if the transmission speed is fast enough. Second is to do the flammability test for you network cable. What we should know is that the skin of a certified product will melt down instead to combust when it is burned. Therefore, in order to do the flammability for your cable, you should just cut a small patch of the cable skin and burn and see if it will combust.

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