How to Connect Speaker Wires to Speakers?

Connecting speaker wires are very important for the best performance of home audio gear, particularly the speakers. If it was done incorrectly, the audio quality can be suffered, and performance of home audio system did not play well. In summary, how to connect speaker wire is vital for audio equipment. This article is going to introduce the brief operation of connection that you will need.

Firstly, it is absolutely essential to establish the right polarity of your speaker wire. The right connection is, the lead of your speaker wire that is connected to the negative output of the amplifier must connect to the negative input of the speaker, and likewise with the positive lead. And then, examine the speaker wire. To make sure the matching is proper by checking the markings on the cable cover or the different colors. Just like the PrimeCables oxygen-free copper speaker wire, one of the cables is marked blue, the other one is none. Actually, there are no differences between the leads, but you need to be consistent with the one you use.

Secondly, get to know the type of terminals on your speakers. Nowadays, most speakers adopt push-button terminals or blinding post terminals. For push-button terminal, it has a tab which control to reveal an opening for the speaker wire. By pushing the tab down, you can insert the wire and then release to secure. However, binding post terminals reveal an opening though twist the knob, and then inserting the lead, finally twisting down to secure it tightly. Besides, some older speakers have screw terminals that are loosened with a screwdriver, put the wire underneath and then tighten the screw.

At last, strip the insulation from both ends of your speaker wire so that 3/8 to 1/2 inch of bare wire is exposed. Too long bare wire exists dangers for the children’s curiosity. Although too short maybe lead to poor contact. Insert the wire into the speaker terminal as appropriate, depending on the type. There are really many sizes and types could be found on our website, which is specialized at cable for yeas. Connect the right speaker outputs of your amplifier to the right speaker, and the left to the left speaker.

Learn how to connect the speaker wire make you more love the life. When you hear the beautiful songs from the speakers after you connect the speaker wires, you get one more skill and happiness. Try it. If you need a oxgyen-free copper speaker wire, welcome to our online shop

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