Pick the Right Cable for Your Home Network

While selecting a cable to support your home network, you should know that there are several types of patch cables. These common types of network cables include:Cat5 / Cat6 / Cat7 cable. These cables are all very helpful to people who want to build thier home computer networks, and also to travelers who live in hotel need a network cable to connect with computer, they can all provide a solution for supporting network speed requirements.

Cat 5e Network  Cable

Cat 5e Network Cable

Cat 5(Includes Cat 5e Cable) is widely used for home networking, it can support Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet. Cat 5e is the upgraded version of Cat 5 Cable, compares to Cat 5 cable, the cross talk of Cat 5e Cable has been reduced greatly. Nowadays, 1G is widely used, Cat 5 is not a recognized standard any longer, it has been gradually replaced by Cat 5e. Cat 5e can rate at 100MHz, and it has two major types:Shielded Type and Unshielded Type. Shielded Type Cable, or we can call it Twisted Pair Cable, can prevent electromagnetic interference effectively; Unshielded Type Cable could be used in offices setting and home network.

In Gigabit Ethernet aspect, Cat 6 can support better than Cat 5e, not only that, Cat 6 can support other network physical layers as well. Cat 6 Cable came out just a few years later than Cat 5e, due to the new technology, it can support 10 Gigabit network. Compares to Cat 5e, Cat 6 Cable will be more effective and flexible, it can protect the siginals more efficiently during the transmission. In the middle of the Cat 6 Cable, there is a plastic piece, the function of this plastic piece is to further limit crosstalk. With the wide use of 10G, Cat 6 Cable will be more and more popular.

As for Cat 7 Cable, it is used as a cabling infrastructure for Gigabit Ethernet, it can offer performance ups to 600MHz, so that it can carrya wealth of information. Compares to Cat 5e, Cat 6, the price of Cat 7 Cable is more expensive, as the Cat5e and Cat 6 Cable can meet the basic demand of home networking, so Cat 7 Cable is not widely adopted nowadays.

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