Importance of A Good Network Cable

Twenty years ago, the computer industry is comparatively backward, most business were still run on paper, at that time the working efficiency was not high, and it was not easy to make a cooperation among countries. Nowadays, the era is different, the world of technology has evolved, international economy communication is becoming more and more frequent. If business want to thrive, the computer and internet access will be an important factor. Through the Network, a business can easily find customers who demand for their products. As the expansion of business, industry competition is more and more acute. If a business want to create greater economic benefits, on the premise of quality assurance, the speed of communication is becoming especially important.

A network cable is a type of cable widely used in telecommunications that transmits data from personal computers to a larger network mainframe. Network cables can be used to plug computers into Internet modems or grounded ports. They are widely used in larger infrastructures as well, in this case, they are required to provide ready access to Internet and cable television cable. A good network operating system can not do well without a good network cable. What exactly is a good network cable? And how many types of network cables have? Different types of network cables like Coaxial cable, Optical fiber cable, Twisted Pair cables are used depending on the network’s topology, protocol and size. A good network cable can guarantee the speed of transmission, and the stability.

Cat 6 Network Cable

Cat 6 Network Cable

Cat 6 Network Cable, the abbreviated name for category 6 network cable,   is a super fast cable, it contains 4 bundles of copper wires. It can support gigabit internet, and the speed is up to one gigabit per second. Cat 6 is a advanced version of Cat 5, the speed of transmitting data is twice than the Cat 5. If you want a more advanced cable, then you can choose Cat 6a, it supports communication at up to 10 times faster than Cat 5. CAT6 is the sixth generation of twisted pair Ethernet cabling, in the transmission rate and network stabilization aspect, Cat 6 can completely meet the demand for home-office networking.

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