How to Prolong the Life of Your Network Cable?

Network cables are not expensive. Therefore, many people will not pay so much attention to maintaining them. However, network cables’ not working may cause so many unexpected problems which will greatly influence your life. For example, you can not continue your online game or can not receive the urgent messages from your girlfriends when the Internet shut down because your network cable does not work anymore. You go to the store to buy a new network cable but to find that the store just sells the cables with terrible quality. You go back home and want to buy network cable online but to find that even the fastest shipping needs a whole day to finish which means in the rest time of the day you can not surf the Internet through the computer, let alone playing computer games.

Cat6 Cables

Cat6 Cables

Is it terrible? Yes, life will be terrible without Internet and computer. But don’t worry, I will show you some ways to protect your network cable to prolong its life. The first tip is about how to place your network cable. As you know, a network cable is used to connect the computer and the router. So, the position of the computer and the router is closely related to the placing of the network cable. Some people place the cable as whatever they want without paying attention to not to place the cable near the place of high temperature. The hot place has never been an ideal surrounding for electrical appliance and it may have bad impact on the working of network cable and accelerate its deterioration of the skin. So, keep your network cable away from the hot surrounding. The second tip is about how to protect your network cable. You can buy a cable organizer to put your cables in order. With a cable organizer, your cables are no longer need to be spread across the floor and no longer need to face the danger of being stepped on. Tip three is about the plug. The plug is the most vulnerable part of a network cable and the frequent inserting and pulling out will make it easy to be broken. So the best way to protect the plug is to keep inserting them into the computer and the router.

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