How to Check for Bad Speaker Wire?

Do you know what is wrong with your audio system? There are lots of reasons causing your speaker system to malfunction. Failure may be occurred in the loudspeaker, power amplifier, wires, power supply or connection. One of the more common problems is the faulty speaker wire. Particularly in systems with speakers spread across long distances, this problem, the broken wires often happened when there are a lot of cables or wires in use, and complicated! Although fixing a broken cable is not difficult, finding out which one is the broken cable among bulk of wires is a big challenge if you did not have some test devices. Here are some available ways to fix out this malfunction.

Voltmeters are useful to test whether the cable disconnected. Connect one end of your voltmeter to the negative (-) port of your speaker. Connect the other end to the (-) port of the stereo receiver to which the wire should be connected. If you have done the wiring correctly, then the voltmeter will indicate that none of these ports complete a circuit. However, if you do not have voltmeters, how to test it?

At first, you can try to pull up and connect again. If you hear nothing from any speaker, check the wire connection on the back of the speaker. Sometimes the loose connection causes speaker malfunction, try to connect again. This is an easy way and simply way to exam if the wrong connection. As we all known, poorly connected speaker wire can cause the speaker go give little or no output.

Find a replacement, run a new wire from the speaker that is giving you problems to any available port. If the original speaker wiring is faulty, the new wire will produce good quality sound. However, if the problem persists, there is nothing wrong with your original wiring, the speaker is likely the problem. The issues being created are most likely due to an issue with the receiver or the speaker itself.

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 PrimeCables Speaker Wire Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Cable

PrimeCables Speaker Wire Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Cable

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