Five Connector Types for HIMI

HDMI  is short for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, which was developed in 2002 as an improved way of transmitting uncompressed digital video and audio data from a source to a monitor, television, or video projector. Although HDMI cables are definitely the common used cables for connecting any home theater system or home entertainment center, actually buying the cables can be a bit confusing for the green hand. Without knowing which type to buy, it could easily ends up with the wrong item for the unsuitable connectors. Actually, there are five HDMI connector types you need to distinguish from.

Five HDMI Connectors

Five HDMI Connectors

Type A

Type A HDMI cables have 19 pins inside the connector and are electronically compatible with a single-link DVI-D, just like 15ft HDMI to DVI-D Single-Link 28AWG High Speed Cable Its physical size is 13.9mm wide, which is the basic type of HDMI cable with bandwidth to carry all SDTY, EDTV, or HDTV forms. It’s not as powerful as other HDMI cable connectors but is suitable for setting up a home entertainment system. The male plug dimensions of this cable are 13.9 millimeters by 4.45 millimeters and the female receptacle dimensions are 14 millimeters by 4.55 millimeters.

Type B

Type B HDMI cables have 29 pins in their connector. Its physical size is 21.2mm wide, which is a bit larger than Type A HDMI cables. As a result, there is a greater ability to carry and transmit more bandwidth than Type A cables. These connector carrying six differential pairs instead of three generally required for very high-end high-definition displays such as 3,840 pixels by 2,400 pixels resolution. However, this 29-pin version of the HDMI connector, which has never been used in any products by customers.

Type C

Type C HDMI cables are designed specifically for use with portable electronic equipment, due to their small size at 10.42 mm by 2.42 mm. These mini HDMI cables also have 19 pins, like a Type A connector, but the pins are laid out differently and each serves a different function. These cables work well with digital cameras, portable TVs and DVD players.

Type D

The Type D HDMI cable is a micro-HDMI cable as well, which size is only 6.4 mm by 2.8 mm. This cable also has 19 pins as Type A and Type C , but the pin’s purpose is different form both. Type B HDMI cables are designed specifically for use in compact portable equipment, such as cell phones.

Type E

The Automotive Connection System has a locking tab to keep the cable from vibrating loose and a shell to help prevent moisture and dirt from interfering with the signals. A relay connector is available for connecting standard consumer cables to the automotive type.

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