Do You Know PrimeCables HDMI Cable?

PrimeCables Premium HDMI High Speed Ethernet Cable with Nylon Jacket (Gold Plated) is a best selling cable for its high performance- price ratio. This article is going to introduce this product from price, specification, quality, design and advantages.

PrimeCables is a professional cable provider and manufacturer in Canada, offering a variety of cables or wires, ensures that all of its products are guaranteed to meet all of your satisfactions. We are not only professional, but also to lower our customers’ expense. Of course, we focus on the quality first and try to make a reasonable price. We make stronger cables.

In addition to different connector types, the HDMI specification provides five different cable types. There are standard, standard with Ethernet, standard automotive, high speed and high speed with Internet. High-speed cables are built to a more exacting specification, providing connection for 1080p, 4K, 3D television, and deep color. Note that the ability of a cable to carry these more intensive signals is degraded over distance. Therefore, it should never be assumed that similar cables from the same manufacturer will all be high speed just because shorter ones are.

PrimeCables Premium HDMI High Speed Ethernet Cable with Nylon Jacket (Gold Plated)

PrimeCables Premium HDMI High Speed Ethernet Cable with Nylon Jacket (Gold Plated)

PrimeCables HDMI cables with nylon jacket protection is designed to help protect your pets form the dangers of chewing on electrical cords, and it also protects your expensive cables! Over the traditional PVC jacket, PrimeCables HDMI cable adds another layer of Nylon Braid Jacket, which is made of superfine durable woven nylon fabrics. There is not anything toxic in it! Besides, the cable can handle temperatures up to 80 Celsius and anti-freezing. It is a good general-purpose cable compatible well with your projector, PC or TV.

Buying HDMI Cables on Primecables is a safe, friendly interface shopping website. You can easily find HDMI cable by doing a general search for them. Otherwise, PrimeCables also has a dedicated category for HDMI cables on the page of HDMI. There are HDMI 2.0 cables, HDMI micro cables, HDMI mini cables, HDMI cables standard & high speed, HDMI to VGA cables, HDMI to DVI cables, HDMI cables with Ethernet and HDMI Flat Type & Ultra Slim. Shopping on is never be wrong.

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