Choose the Right Wall Mount for Your TV

After spending good money on a TV, what you have to invest in next is a quality wall mount. With a TV wall mount, you can place your TV screens on the wall. And if you have mounted your TV properly, through adjusting different angles, you could always make the TV best suit the room. Wall mounting a TV is a big headache for most people, because it is difficult for them to choose a right mounting bracket for their TV.

Full Motion  TV Wall Mount

Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Before purchasing a TV wall mount, there are several factors you should take into account:

(1)VESA:If your TV is marked with “VESA mount compliant”, it means you should buy a VESA-compliant TV mount, or they can not work together. According to the VESA pattern of your TV, you should make sure to choose the right size mount for your TV.

(2)Weight:The wall mount needs to support your TV safely, so it is quite important for you to look for the weight of your TV without a stand. If you have no idea about the weight of your TV, just search your model online, and then you can get the number. In order to guarantee the security, the weight of the wall mount you want to buy should better be twice heavier than the TV at least.

(3)Screen Size:Most of wall mounts on the market can fit TV of various sizes, if the screen is bigger, the weight that the wall mount has to bear will be heavier. Screen size is an important factor you should consider, so you’d better buy the wall mount according to the size of your TV.

(4)How far the TV from the wall?Most of TV wall mounts are not stationary, so you can adjust the distance between the TV and the wall as you like. Maybe you will think this specification is unimportant, but in fact, if the distance from wall is proper, it will show a good look and increase the value of your house.

(5)Determine which style you want:There are three main kinds of TV mounts for you to consider. They are full motion, low-profile and tilting.To consider all these factors carefully, and to find a best TV mount which matches your TV perfectly.

If you have no idea about where to buy a TV mount, why not just to view and get something you want?

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