You should know 5 strengths of Pantum printers!

Recently, Pantum launched a new Monochrome Laser Printer—– Pantum P2500 series. Introducing the compact printer that is smart for your business and your budget. Keep daily operations running smoothly, costs to a minimum, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an eco-friendly product. Easy installation, connectivity, energy saving features and more all add up to why the Mini is the smart choice for your home or small office!

Pantum P2500W Monochrome Wireless Laser Printer, one of this series printers, performs very outstandingly. It is priced $114.99, but now, using coupon code “pts2015” in shopping cart to get? $75 off on Please make sure that just in our company you can get this incredible low price. May be you will doubt that the price is so low, or you may say, “ It must be something wrong with this product!”

Pantum P2500W

NO! Why Pantum? Why should we choose Pantum printer? What’s the advantages of Pantum monochrome laser printer? Have you ever heard of the brand? As a matter of fact, Pantum is the first ever Created-in-China printer brand. It specializes in producing reliable and affordable printers that provide us with a simple printing experience. As innovators, they are constantly expanding and perfecting product line. I do believe Pantum will be prosperous in the future. There are four strengths of Pantum printers you should know.

Firstly, R&D team. Pantum have a core R&D team with experts from across the globe including professors and senior engineers. They are high calibre team. In order to develop better precision and advanced printing technology, they regularly undertake long-term study at printing research institutes in Japan. Secondly, manufacturing strength. Our printers net worth is predicted to exceed 10 billion Yuan in five years. We undertake stringent quality control from production to shipment and from semi-finished products to finished products. Otherwise, the cost per page(CPP)of our printers is significantly lower than competing products. Third, product strength. It provides low total cost of ownership, simple, eco-friendly products, and quality customer service. Finally, a lot of awards and certifications. In 2013, Pantum was awarded by BLI (Buyers Laboratory LLC) and is recognized as Outstanding A4 Monochrome Laser Printer. In 2012, it was adwarded as Reliability and Highly Recommended Certificates by BLI (Buyers Laboratory LLC). There are plenty of awards and certifications display on


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