What Is a Substitute for RCA Cables?

As we all knows, the RCA cables are just a very common way to transmit the video signals. The RCA cables are short named for Radio Corporation of America, which are designed in the 1940s. This type of cable can allow the color video information coming from one device to be linked to a television or monitor. However, the RCA cable isn’t made for high definition video. In fact, the HD devices are preferred to use various alternative cables which have the ability to carry superior video signals. To be friendly, the below introduce several for you. After reading, I can sure you can get what you want to know. And if you need buy one cable to enjoy HD video, there should be one meet your needs. Let’s have a look together.

1. S-Video
The S-Video cables are using many small pins placed in a round arrangement. It is really unlike the RCA cables. The S-Video connections separately transmit the color signals and the brightness signals from each other. In this way, the quality of overall video signal gets increase. However, this type of connections doesn’t include the audio signal. It is really a good choice to choose S-Video cables when delivering a high quality picture from an older device which isn’t capable for HD.

2. VGA
The VGA cables were the first one to be used to connect the monitors to computers. In fact, they can also be used on high definition projectors and televisions. And VGA is short named for Video Graphics Array. Sometimes, the VGA cable is also known as D-Sub connection for its appearance. The connection on VGA cable is usually D shaped with containing 15 individual signal pins. The VGA cables are really useful in connecting displays to computer devices which have no traditional RCA video ports.

3. DVI
The DVI is standing for Digital Visual Interface. In these cables, a VGA connection is resembled, and they have 18 pins. Usually, the DVI connection is designed for the high definition video devices like the HDTV screens and the Blu-ray disc players. This type of Cable is inherent supporting for HD video. That is to say, a DVI cable cab is used without needing a digital to analog conversion. And usually, the video quality is excellent when it is used between two DVI-compatible devices.

The HDMI is another type of video connection designed for HDTV. A HDMI cable is much similar to a computer USB connection when a DVI cable has resembled with a computer VGA plug. In a variety of modern devices, there often contains both DVI and HDMI ports. And the adapters are well to interconnect the two formats. Compare to its DVI counterpart, An HDMI cable is smaller. However, it can carry both video and audio. As HDMI has owning so many advantages, it is often preferred over DVI when installing high definition devices.


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