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Are you looking for Kodak10 1810829 C-8966 Ink Cartridge? Here we recommend our item for you. There are several reasons why it is your best choice to buy this type of cartridge from our website.
Before listing the many reasons why, we tell you some details about this product. First of all, we talk about the price. This item sells at the price of 7.99 dollars. The price was 8.49 dollars. However, you can save 0.5 dollars if you purchase now. It can print as many as 420 pages. You can keep it for approximately 2 years. That is its shelf life. This color ink cartridge item includes one ink cartridge. For your information, this product is not appropriate for printers including Kodak Hero 6.1 / Kodak Hero 7.1 / Kodak Hero 9.1 / ESP Office 6150 / ESP 5210 / ESP5250 / ESP 7250 / ESP 9250. We guess you may want to hear about what other customers said about this item. This product have so far received 5 star rating. According to one of our customer, he or she is satisfied with our product, same with price.

Kodak 10 8966

You can tell at least two of the reasons why our item is your best choice. We provide customers with this Kodak10 1810829 at the affordable price. What’s more, this product are of high quality. For the users, quality matters the most. If you are looking for something affordable and with high quality, Kodak10 1810829 C-8966 Ink Cartridge is definitely your choice. This affordable and reliable cartridge will not only serve users but also reduce users printing costs. This type of cartridge will save your printing cost in the long run. Therefore, this item can meet all your needs. For your information, the type of cartridge is made from all new components. It will be perfectly compatible to your printer models without any problem occurring if you want to replace your current Kodak10 1810829 C-8966 Ink Cartridge.

What’s more, our manufacturer is an environmental friendly company. You don’t have to worry about the quality of their products for the reason that they have passed ISO9001 for their quality and ISO 14001 certificate.Moreover, we 123inkcartridge,ca offers the satisfying service. The delivery is quick.


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