How to Wire an RCA Plug?

RCA Plug to RCA Plug Adaptor

Wiring a Plug Yourself
1.Use a sharp utility knife to cut the cable’s end and leave a clean 90-degree cut. However, for a clean cut you may need to use a pair of coaxial cable cutters.

2.Insulator over the wire or slide the RCA connector’s collar.

3.You need to cut one inch of outer sheathing from the cable, which can expose the braided metal foil beneath. Then unbraid the foil. Twist it into a wire shape.

4.Use a utility knife to cut off the exposed insulation which was beneath the meatal foil. There are two insulated wires beneath this.

5.Set the cable’s end beside the RCA connector, which helps you determine the length of each wire. There are there wires, including hot, cold and the metal foil. For most RCA connector, the hot one, which goes in the connector’s center, needs to be a quarter-inch longer than the foil and the cold wire. Use wire cutters to trim the wires as needed.

6.Use a pair of wire strippers to cut 1 quarter inch of insulation from the hot and cold wires. Use a hot soldering iron to touch each wire’s end, which makes the wire prepared for soldering.

7.Then over the wires slide the RCA connector. It will be easier to apply the solder if you use a clamp or vise to secure the RCA connector.

8.Line the hot wire up with the connector’s center pin. In this way, the exposed wire will not touch anything else. Use a hot soldering gun’s tip for several seconds to warm up the center pin and wire. Touch the wire’s end with solder to secure it in place while touching the center pin with your soldering gun.

9.Solder the cold wire and the foil to the solder strip on the RCA connector. Keep in mind that use only enough solder to secure the wires.

10.Over the connection, slide the heat shrink if it is being used. Use a heat gun to seal the heat shrink.

11. Wait until the metal and heat shrink cool down. Around the outer jacket, slide the RCA connector’s crimp.

12. Use a multimeter to test the connectivity of your work. To make sure that there is no circuit between the center pin and the outer shell by the way of touching them. Touch a conductor at the wire’s the other end and the appropriate point on the RCA connector, which make sure a current passes between them. Do this again for the second conductor.

13.Slide the insulation over the connection. You probably choose to fill the RCA connector’s cavity with hot glue. Keep the glue from the threads.

14.Slide the collar onto the body of the plug and over the wire. Screw the collar into place or you use a pair of pliers to crimp it, which depends on the plug model.

15.Before using the cable, use a multimeter to test for a short between the shell of the RCA connector and the center pin.

Using an Adapter
1.Select an right adapter for the cable in order to connect it to an RCA jack.
2.Connect the cable to one end of the adapter.
3.Connect the adapter to the RCA jack or you can connect an RCA cable to the adapter’s other end.


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