How to Fix an HP Laserjet P2015 Printer

There are pickup roller for the two paper trays of HP laserJet P2015.The pickup roller picks up the blank pages in the paper trays one by one, and then, feeds them into the printer for printing, while other roller pull the paper to the output tray from the printer. As the time goes, the pickup rollers will wear out for day and night work, its means you should replace them or the printer would not be able to feed paper well. Fortunately, you can order new pickup rollers from directly; also we would like to share you with the process of how to replace the HP pickup roller.

Printer Laserjet P2015

Step 1: turn off the printer and unplug it from the back of the HP P2015 model. Also, before you do something you should make sure your printer sit for at least 15 minutes, due to when the printer on work, the toner would be very hot and if you touch it at that time, you maybe burn, this is just make sure you are safety.

Step 2: Push hard the button on the printer’s front door, then pull down the door so the toner cartridge can be expose for you. Catch the toner cartridge on either side and remove it out of the printer.

Step 3: Catch the pickup roller cover by your finger carefully.
Step4:Push the tab which is on the left end of the roller by your finger, and then try to pull the cover to the left, and then make it up. Right now, the roller will expose for you completely.

Step 4: Push the tab on other side of the roller away from the roller, and then you can pull the roller out of printer.

Step 5: Put the brand new pickup roller into you HP P2015 printer, but you have to make sure the tabs of your new roller is line up with the notches. Firstly, reinstall the roller cover’s right tab, and then install the left tab. After you have success install the roller, you can reinstall the toner cartridge into the printer, and close the printer’s front door which you open at the second step.

Step 7: the last step, you can plug the printer back.

The above process is how to replace tray roller1, due to there is two tray roller for the HP P2015 printer, the process is same as the tray roller2. We hope we can give you more and more help.


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