HDMI cable buying guide from Monoprice’s Top Reseller in Canada


There are 4 types of HDMI cables when it comes to TVs. They are high standard speed with Ethernet, standard speed without Ethernet, high speed with Ethernet and high speed without Ethernet. Standard speed cables can handle definition up to 1080i while high speed far beyond 1080p. The price difference between them is negligible. Therefore, buy high-speed cables. Most HDMI cables that you can find in a store are those high-speed cables. Primecables is also as known of Monoprice’s top reseller in Canada, if you are a Canadian customer who is looking for Monoprice cable in Canada, feel free to check our site!

HDMI cable

Few products have Ethernet-over-HDMI compatibility. Therefore, you don’t have to pay extra money for the feature in the cable. That’s your call if you plan to slightly future proof your system. However, I don’t see the point for most people. The price difference is negligible. If you are sure that your equipment is with the Ethernet-over-HDMI compatibility, of course you check out HDMI cables. In short, purchase high speed without Ethernet.

On the Web
Monoprice: Most of the cables from Monoprice are exceptionally cheap. They ship quickly. Any length is available for customers. They are the cheapest that you can find.
Price: $3.50 (six-foot high speed)

Amazon: You can get free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime. However, if you are not a Prime member, its selection is still good, as are its prices. For your information, there is a 5/5 customer rating for the Amazon Basics line of cables. What’s more, on Amazon you can get two 2-meter-long high speed cables with Ethernet for only $10. You can even get one for less than $3 for some no-name cables. Price: $3, and up

NewEgg: Price: $3.50
Crutchfield: It’s the king of list price. Price: $19.99
Ye olde brick-and-mortar

Here are some stores and their respective prices to buy cables.
Walmart: A single cable costs you $13 for one and $20 for a pair. Walmart online had a 6-foot cable that cost $4.88. It claimed to have the capability of 1080p. Price: $20 for two

Best Buy: I didn’t see a single 6-foot cable for $20 in the store. However on its website, there is a a 6-foot cable for $5.49. I found one for $4 through the Best Buy Marketplace. Price: $20 (6 feet, high speed)

Target: The best price was 2 for $20. There was a 6-foot cable for 15 dollars. However, its speed was unspecified. Price: $20 for two

Home Depot: It offers decent prices. The best price I found in the store was 13 dollars for two 6-footers. Online there are two $9 2-meter cables and a $9 12-foot cable. Price: $13 for two (6 feet, high speed)

Office Depot: The cheapest online was a $12.95 6ft cable with no speed specified. A 6-foot HDMI cable costs you $32, speed not specified. Price: $32 (6 feet, unknown speed)
Fry’s: It’s known for its funky stores. Price: $4.99 (6 feet, high speed)


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