Can You Use an HDMI Cable With an iPod Touch?

The iPod Touch is a useful high-tech media player, you can use it to play games, movies and music, and handle applications and surf the internet. It is very convenient to use outside your home for the iPod Touch has the small size, however you might would like to browse with a larger screen. You also are allowed to link the iPod Touch with your TV through an HDMI cable by using the Apple Digital AV Adapter.


Step 1
Buy the Apple Digital AV Adapter. This accessory interfaces with the iPod Touch through the dock connector and are compatible with HDMI and power cables.

Step 2
Link the Apple Digital AV Adapter with the iPod Touch. The adapter is designed with a connector that attaches to the dock connector on the bottom of the iPod Touch.

Step 3
Link the USB sync cable plus the iPod Touch with a wall charger. Link the other end of the sync cable with the dock connector port of the Apple Digital AV Adapter. This can keep the iPod Touch charged when you are watching on your TV. If you would rather use the battery power, ignore this step.

Step 4
Link the HDMI cable with your TV and the Apple Digital AV Adapter. After about 20 seconds, your TV will present the same content as the iPod Touch. If it does work, you should use the TV’s remote control to turn to HDMI video input.

Step 5
Reset the TV’s video settings if you need to match the aspect ratio of the iPod Touch. Find out a setting called Auto Detect which can install the television to reset itself automatically following with the incoming video signal.

The Apple Digital AV Adapter can match with the fourth generation iPod Touch, the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S and the second and third generation iPads. The television can usually display the content of your iPod Touch, but sometimes can not work properly. And different applications can be different displayed on television. For example, if you play streaming video by the Safari Web browser, the television may probably just present the video instead of the browser window.

You should link your TV with the Apple Digital AV Adapter by a single HDMI cable rather than multiple HDMI extension cables, otherwise you may meet display problems.


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