Ultra Slim Series USB 3.0 Cable Review

As the digital time, there are more and more new stylist device, and most of those digital device would required for a cable, the common one is the USB cable, so, now more and more people purchase for a good quality USB cable for their device, at the same time they also want to get the simple and easy to use, also come with multi function cable. There is a ultra slim series USB 3.0 cable, with it you can connect your super speed USB 3.0 devices via this Ultra Slim Series USB 3.0 A Male to Micro B Male cable from Prime Cables.

Ultra Slim Series USB 3.0 Cable

This ultra slim series USB 3.0 cables take the features as a USB 3.0 A male connector on one end and the other hand end is a USB 3.0 micro B male connector. This is totally different from the traditional USB 2.0 micro B connector, because there is an additional 5 pin plug with this cable, so it’s enable to carries power for all your external device, for example the portable hard drives, smart phone, MP5 player. As the ultra slim is it’s design goal, so this USB 3.0 cable comes with a slimmer and smaller connector heads, when compare to other commonly cables, this USB 3.0 cable is great slim. Moreover, the A male connector head measure with the size as 16mm wide,8mm thick, and long as 20mm; While the micro B male connector head size measure as the wide is 16mm, thick as 7mm and long as 20mm.

However, now it sale in the primecable.com which with a long stand and high reputation at the price as $10.99, you can save about $7.58 from the original price which was 18.57, it means that there is a 40% discount off for you. What’s more, there is two kind of color for you option, one is white the other one is black, you can choice what you like best. And this cable is in stock, so, if you place your order right now, we would like to ship it out for you as fast as we can, so that you can receipt it at the early time. In additional, if you are new buyer from our 123inkcartridges.ca, we would like to give you a 5% coupon, but this coupon is valid in the end of December 2014, and do not apply for the OEM, lower price and on sale items.


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