Top 5 Common Ink Cartridge Buying Mistakes

Whether you are at home or at an office,you always can find a printer.According to the quantity you are printing per day or per month,you may purchase ink cartridges quite often.When you go to the ink cartridges market,there are too many kinds for you to start.So it is important for anyone to buy ink cartridges.But be careful,prevent youself to make any of ink cartridge buying mistakes,exactly,the five most common mistakes in ink cartridge buying.This guide will show you some ways to avoid making buying mistakes.

Ink Cartridge Buying Mistakes

1. Ignoring the Manual
Many customer has run into a lot of issues with their printers or other electronic devices just because they do not take any time to look at the manual attached to the product.Generally,manuals are not complicated to read and you can find them in the package of your printer.Some manuals may be included in the software,and normally in PDF format.If you can not open the PDF format,you can download a a PDF reader for free online.If it don’t work in all ways,downloadable PDF versions of manuals normally could be found in the printer’s official website.Read the manual before you doing anything on your printer and consult the manual to change the ink cartridges.

2.Not Comfirming the Key Point Before Shopping
If you want to have a fast and easy shopping process,you need to confirm the printer model and the number of the cartridge before you go shopping.You can bring the dry cartridges to the closest retailer,and the retailer will know what you want.If you have no any empty cartridges,remember your printer’s brand and model.This information is often on the front or at the back of the printer.

3. Wrong Ink for the Project
When you go to choose ink cartridges,it is vital to make a right option of the suitable ink type for the print job.In widely use,pigment-based and dye-based inks are the two broad types of ink.If you know nothing about them,you may make a costly mistake.
Dye-based inks are very stable and print with vibrant colors while pigment-based inks are waterproof and usually used for photo printing.

4. Going Cheap:Refill Question
When refilled cartridges are refilled by companies with the proper industrial grade equipment,they can work well.Never think about the refill kits unless your printer is too old to find the appropriate cartridges anymore.Refurbished/factory refilled cartridges can be an important cost saver.

5. Paying Too Much
The most common mistake people made is paying too much.It is also one of the easiest mistakes we can avoid.The shoppers always have the wrong idea that they must use the original ink cartridges which are made by the printer’s manufacturer.This is expensive.And there are many good replacement cartridges on the market.

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