Review:Xerox 106R442 New Compatible Toner Cartridge

It’s common idea that, the OEM product would come with a high quality but as well as a high price. Most of printer user, they would like to purchase a low price toner cartridges for their printing but also with a great printing quality, due to the high cost of OEM toner cartridge, and make their operation cost more and more high for their long time office work. But such a case seems to be an extremely difficult question, because, the quality usually equal to the price which comes with the product. Actually, it’s stupid to get such an extreme point of view.

Xerox 106R442

As a printer owner, installation kits is the necessary of it’s, for example, most people are search for the Xerox 106R442 toner cartridge for their Docuprint 1210 printer of Xerox Docuprint series printer. I would like to say that, you are no need to do that, but visit for our website you can find out what you need. On there is Xerox 106R442 toner cartridge sale with the price at $56.

In fact, the color of this economical and high quality compatible Xerox Toner Cartridge is black as the OEM one, and it also come with a standard yield of capacity. While the page yield which is an approximated number of standard pages that the printer can printed with one cartridge, is about 6,000 pages, though there is usually measured at 5% page coverage. With this number it means the new compatible toner cartridge come with the same amount page yield as the original toner cartridge. To be true, it can be a replacement of your current original toner cartridge completely without any problem. Also, it comes with a lower price than the original one. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the shelf life, as it as long as two years. We can make a conclusion that, this new compatible is the perfect solution to help you to save more and more case from your wallet.

compatible ink cartridge performance

As a scientific management, creating a dedicated, honest, pragmatic, hard work, strict business groups, the ISO standards have been used by all our manufacturers strictly. And then all of them have passed the ISO 14001 certificate from the SGS as well as the ISO9001. In this way, we can assure to offer you with the great quality.

What’s more, suck kind of cartridge currently short of stock, SO, why not visit, and place your order; we will ship it for you at the first time we get your order. We also would like to offer the new buyer with a 5% coupon from now till the end of December, but do not apply for the on sale, low price and OEM items and promises offer free shipping, but this is limited time offer.


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