Optical Toslink Audio Cables with 50% off!

Have you even purchase an Optical Toslink audio cables at 6 Ft with $4.93? Maybe your answer is no. In fact, there is 52% discount off for the $10.42 price. What’s the Optical Toslink audio cable?
At first , this audio cable can offer you the cleanest signal, even though at extreme volume levels, it can do that, Secondly, in order to get rid of vibration, provide you the ultimate listening experience, low loss core, low jitter synthetic fiber and heavy metal connectors are be use for this cable, it also try their best to eliminating any chance for EMI 、RFI or ground loop interference. Thirdly, using the gold plated ferrule help to prevents corrosion and maximum protection of the fiber tip, and then precision polished fiber also can make sure maximum signal transfer. Such a audio cable is design for CD, D/A converter, Dolby digital sound receivers, recorder, DVD mini disc and pro audio cards, you can try to use this cable connect to your CD, DVD, MP3, DAT, mini Disc and other digital audio device for a full, richly and clear sound.

Toslink Cable

For the technical parameter of  this Toslink Cable, the attenuation is less than 0.2dB/m, the bend radius is about 5 x core diameter. It can be use in the -400 to 800 degree Celsius temperature, while the connection loss only less than 0.5dB and the transmission frequency bandwidth is 6MHz.

Right now are you want to get such a audio cable for you digital device or not? It’s price is the lower price now, after Jan 03, 2015 the price will be go back to $10.42, at that time you can not enjoy this discount, and can not save more and more money for you wallet/. I’m thinking, your wallet would hate you very much; due to you can not save this 52% discount in time. So, why not place your order right away, the 52% discount off still waiting for you, and we would like to promises you that, we would ship the audio cable for you at the first time receipt your order, due to now it is in stock, we can ship as much as you want, and make sure you can get the cables as soon as possible.
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