Lowest Price Ever: Samsung MLT-D101S New Compatible Black Toner Cartridge

When you get a great printer, you must think about how to get a outstanding printing quality with lower printing cost. In a way, this is a hard question, for example the Samsung MLTD101S OEM toner cartridge which sale in 123inkcartridges.ca right now at $72.99, this price with a 14%discount off, it means, the original price was $84.99. Though, this OEM Samsung MLTD101S OEM toner cartridge comes with the 1500 pages as it’s page yield for black, which is the amount of the printing page of one toner cartridge, and it can work for Samsung ML series printer ( ML-2160、ML-2165 and ML-2165W),Samsung SCX series printers (SCX-3400、SCX-3400F、SCX-3400FW、SCX-3405FW and SCX-3405W), Samsung SF series (SF-760P). It’s now doubt that, this kind of toner cartridge can offer the ultimate printing experience for you. But it’s not a perfect solution, due to it with a high cost, and can not help to low down the printing cost; this is a headache for most of people.

Samsung MLT-D101S

There is will there is way. There is Samsung MLT-D101S sale in 123inkcartridges.ca as well, but the price only half of the original one, it’ $38.99, though, this price with 22% discount off from the original price, which was $49.99, it is lower than the $72.99, and we can save more money for our wallet as well as lower down printing cost. With it, you wallet maybe feel full appreciated. Moreover, it’s page yield is up to 1500 pages total same as the OEM one. It’s shelf years as long as two years, and external additive was add in the toner cartridge to guarantee the flow ability and charge stability of toner, and it with high emolument of coating paper toner. As new compatible toner cartridge, it also comes with individual package with the idea to get a great protection. This Samsung MLT-D101S New Compatible Black Toner Cartridge also can suitable for the same printer as we talk about in above. In a word, this new compatible toner cartridge can be completely replacing the OEM one with any problem. Our manufacturers as a environmental friendly company, also try their best to offer us the best quality, all they take the modernized management system, such as the ISO series standard, and passed the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

If you place your order right away, we would like to ship it out at the first time receipt your order and also for free. Please pay your attention, if you are new buyer in 123inkcartridges.ca , we would to offer you with 5% coupon and free ship, but this is not apply for on sale, lower price items till end of December.


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