How to Reset an HP Laserjet 5550N ?

As most problem of HP Laserjet 5550N can be fixed fairly easily. While you may be fall in to such a case, there is a error message show for you with your HP laserjet 5550N, when you get this message, you try you best to solve this problem, finally, you are very sure that, you have save this problem but the error message still display for you. At this time you may feel headache, what’s wrong, what should you go on to do? Anyways, you want to give up, as this crazy problem and want to pay some money for the repairer for this “difficult question”. Actually, you are wrong; a cold reset will help to clear this disgusting message and allow you continue printing. You only need to do some steps as following instruction.

Printer Color Laserjet 5550n

Steps 1: Turn off your HP laserjet 5550N printer, and let it sit on one minute or two, to cool down your printer. And then, make sure the printer is unplug in. after that, you can turn it around, make sure that the back of the printer face to you, so that you can watch the display clear.

Steps 2: Long press the green ”Select” button once the memory count stars, this is the button for checkmark on it, so it’s key important to do that. Please do not skip this step.

Steps 3: Make sure you keep press the “select” button, and watch for the three LED lights to come on and remain illuminated, and then you can release to press the “Select” button.

Steps 4: When there show you with the massage to Select language on the display, you can press the down arrow key, try to press the arrow key until there is comes up the Cold Reset option. And then you can press the “Select” button to verify the cold reset to perform a cold reset. After that, it will success to clear those error codes and error messages, so you are allow to go on your printing with your printer.

Now,are you feeling any headache for your printer? It’s so easy! But you have to make sure following the steps above, if not, you may failure to reset your HP Laserjet 5550N printer, the error message still display for you on your printer, you will still feel headache and crazy for your printer.


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