HDMI to VGA Cables + One Free 6Ft HDMI Cable

This HDMI to VGA Cables + One Free 6Ft HDMI Cable is only cost $26.99 in store Primecables.com Generally, the two total worth of $39.99. To feedback the customers who always caring about the store, it offer you a special coupon in limited time. With these products, you can use the VGA to HDMI with Power Charging Adapter Cable, Male to Female in White and the Cable to Share your video/audio/data from computers or old-styled notebooks, desktops, laptops that has only VGA ports to any HDMI-equipped devices like HDTVs, monitors, displayers for big screen viewing. It features with video resolution up to 1920*1080@60Hz, VGA as video input, USB as audio input and HDMI as video & audio output. It will be perfect for Plug & play with the 6ft 3D Ready High Quality HDMI Cable w/24K Gold Plated cost $14.99 if bought separately.

HDMI to VGA Cables

In fact, the HDMI cable can be used widely. Of course it can be work well with equipment that supports the HDMI specification such as HDTV, Blu-ray player or gaming console. These 19-pin male-to-male cable features with 24k gold-plated connectors and purity enhanced copper conductors for excellent data transmission. This high quality cable can supports up to 1080p and it is 1.4V Ethernet /3D ready for HDTV. With it, you can share high-bandwidth, uncompressed digital video, multi-channel digital audio and control functions. Moreover, it can be well compatible with your HDTV/LCD/LED Home Theatre /HDMI Cameras/HDMI Projectors etc HDMI Device and HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection).

Except the feature supports all TV resolutions up to 1080p and beyond, furthermore, it can support 4K according to HDMI1.4Ver Spec. To enjoy this function, you must ensure that your device is supporting 4K functionality and the cables are 1.4V Ethernet /3D ready for HDTV. The HDMI 1.4 specification has added support for extremely high video resolutions that go far beyond today’s 1080p systems. While the 4K is shorthand for 4,000 lines wide by 2,000 lines high or roughly four times the resolution of a 1080p display. The term actually covers two formats, both supported in the HDMI 1.4 specification. If you find using this adapter cannot display properly on your TV/monitor/projector, please double check your VGA source device’s Display Resolution, to make sure your HDMI display device can support the resolution you set on your VGA source device.

The Cab-FL-1021-250-vga-H here is really worth of taking if you are just looking for a way to sharing the interesting contents from your device to a large view screen. It should be perfect goods for you. I Promise you will like it for its delivery is also as fast as you expected. Have a happy deal!

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