Speed and AirPrint enabled Inkjet Printer

Have you ever thought about what an idea and modern printer is likely to be?Let you imagination fly.Speed must be one of the indispensable features,then,what are else?Next,let’s come to compare the HP Envy 120 Inkjet e-All-In-One Printer to that one you’ve imagined.

With the rapid economic and science technological development, accelerating the pace of the times, people need to improve continually office efficiency. Then a kind of more innovative technological inventions is asked to be born and helpmeet people’s need.The HP Envy 120 Wireless Printer was born under this environment.It has a stylish design, concepts and advanced environmental performance, and can provide high-quality printing results,which meets the needs of business office and improve work efficiency.

The HP inkjet Printer,has a slimmer body than the other products of its kind.The scanner is made of a transparent glass roof and the printer entirely has a black glossy body.It’s equipped with 4.33 inches (10.99 cm) color touch pannel and touch-sensitive switch and function keys, filling the simple and elegant appearance.In other words,it perfectly merges the fashion design, beauty of appea,rance and versatility together.

Besides,it has a none-visible paper tray,which you can extend and retract it optionally,keeping the stylish and compact linetype as whole.Let’s cheer for its amzing multifunction.It is can not only copy, scan and access netweb option, but also scan the email and access webpage content. You can also optimize your iPhone from the front USB port.

That is to say,you can access and print customizable apps for maps, movie tickets, coupons and more.You can print directly from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch thanks to AirPrint support. Also you can print and share from multiple computers using integrated wireless networking .The HP Envy 120 lets you print at your convenience from anywhere .

When it comes to printer that we need in modern times, like this powerful the HP ENVY 120 is giving you a lot of surprise,isn’t it? I have not finished my introduction. Choosing high-capacity ink cartridges for the HP ENVY 120 bring a better value with frequent printing.At the same time,upon to the request of ENERGY STAR. it is such an environmentfriendly printer, saving paper by up to 50% using automatic two-sided printing.

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