French Press Travel Mug-Great for loose-tea lovers!

As the coming of Thanksgiving Day, There are big discounts for great of number of goods, such as the Dutch Bros. Coffee Stainless Steel French Press Travel Mug which is on sale now, only with $4.99, you can save about $5.00 for your wallet, it means, there is a 50% discount off for this Stainless Steel French Press Travel Mug on the

If you take a French Press Travel Mug, you will have the luxury of a French press in anytime and anywhere. As the name it show, this travel mug with a stainless steel body, this is good for the heat, so that this travel mug can retains heat for a long time, which is convenient for travel, when you are tired and thirsty, this travel mug can provide with you with hot water in anytime any well. What’s more the this travel mug with take a metal plugging rod inside which can filter the coffee or tea grounds that make you drink only “water” but not with the “trouble”, do not need to pour into a second container. Though it is a steel French Press travel Mug, it‘s good for loose-leaf tea, when you travel outside, with it, you are able to take a good drink.

This Dutch Bros. Coffee Stainless Steel French Press Travel Mug is design for travel, so the size is most import thing, it is with a ambidextrous design of the handle which is good for both left and right-hand use, however, the side which without the approximate handle only as 8.0 x 3.0-inches (H x W) and with the approximate handle just as 8.0 x 5.0-inches (H x W), This is small size is good for the travel. The other most important think for a travel mug is, must make sure that the water inside can not leak. A strong lid which guard against leakage by an interior rubber ring. However the top has a fine mesh catch to make sure you don’t get any escaped grounds while enjoying your drink. What’s more there is an additional screw-on lid that turns the French Press mug into a conventional mug.

After you learn the information from above, now I believe you must think This French Press Travel Mug is a best accessory for traveler those guy who on the go and electric outlet is not available. Also now this travel mug is on sale till 10 OCT, If you want to take one please make your order as soon as you can, there are only 2 pieces left in stock now.

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