How to Reset the Ink Cartridge in an HP Printer


 Update: 11/10/16

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As the rapid economic and technology growth needs, printer is the necessity for the office and home .Hewlett Packard for short named HP, which ink cartridge takes copper contacts on the bottom, and when the HP printer printing the ink will flows from there. These contacts also can send the message to the printer and then recognize whether cartridge is replace with a new one or the same old cartridge which was used previously. If you refill an old cartridge with ink and try to reinsert it into the cartridge, it will be a great work for you. You have to reset the printer so that the printer will recognize the refilled cartridge as a new one and then it can reset the ink levels for print. To be sure that, the printer will not display the information that one of the cartridges is out of ink. As the below will kindly show you the instruction of how to reset the ink cartridge in an HP printer.


The first step: When you turn the ink cartridge over, you will see the copper contacts. Make sure the copper contacts are closest to your body, please hold the cartridge.

The second step: Take a small piece of transparent tape, and then place it on the seventh copper contact in the second row from the left side, please make sure your are place it in the top of the copper contact. After that, put the cartridge in the printer and then try to take an alignment test page, by pressing “ok” button on the front of the printer. Please make sure before you press this button the orange light is blinking.

The third step: Take the cartridge out of the printer. Keep the first piece of transparent tape in place which you place as the first step. Place another new piece of transparent tape on the sixth contact in the second row in from the right side, please make sure you are place the tape in the top of the copper contact as the second step you do. Put the ink cartridge into the printer again. And then try to take an alignment test page as the second step when the orange light is blinking, press the “ok” button on the front of the printer.

The fourth step as the last step: Take the ink cartridge out from the printer again. Take off the two pieces of transparent tape which you place in the copper contact as the second and third step carefully, you must sure that there is without any adhesive on the cartridge from the tape. And then put the ink cartridge into the printer. There will show you with the ink level gauge window on the computer screen, which is the information for you that the ink cartridge is fuelled.




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7 comments on “How to Reset the Ink Cartridge in an HP Printer
  1. david says:

    I thought this might be beneficial ,but when looking at my hp 2510 black ink cartridge it seems different from what you describe my cartridge has 4 lines of gold dots line 1=1
    line 22+spce3 dos+2 spaces line3 =5 line 4=.1+3 spaces and 3 dots I just can,t figure which is which

    • admin123ink321 says:

      Hi David,

      You can always confirm with our customer service team, who has tecnician there to help you to solve your problem, or livechat will be another fast option too.


  2. Steve says:

    Correct, My printer says Deskjet 2510 on the front, but the ink cartridge is different. I only have six contacts on the second row from the left. I’ve tried nearly every contact to no avail! A picture of where to stick the tape would help.

    • Hi,

      You can always use our livechat as well as our 1800 toll free number to get the quick solution, our customer service team will be dedicated and willing to solve your issue.

  3. dave says:

    This seemed like it was going to work. It printed two perfect alignment pages but when I took the tape off it went back to the error mode. Flashing LEDs and a message to remove and check print cartridges.

  4. Caleb Lewis says:

    How do I reset 62 ink cartridge I tryed everything it just wont work.I got the color to work but not the black?

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