How to Refill a Brother LC61BK Ink Cartridge?

Brother LC61BK OEM Ink Cartridge is in black, it’s the genuine cartridge for Brother, which it can provide perfect printing experience. In the offer you with the lowest price and best high quality printing, the Brother LC61BK OEM Ink Cartridge is Compatible most of brother printers  such as Brother DCP-165C   /  Brother DCP-585CW   /  Brother DCP-375CW   /  Brother DCP-385CW /Brother MFC-J410W   /  Brother MFC-J630W.etc.However it can yield up to 450 pages.

Brother LC61BK OEM Black Ink Cartridge

However, the Brother LC61BK is referred to the black ink model of the Brother inkjet cartridges, which it can provides stark black ink to Brother printer models that print in both white and black color. If you do not want to buy a brand new Brother LC61BK cartridge, you can refill the empty Brother cartridge with an inkjet from home by use an inkjet to fill kit that includes, syringe, ink, thumb drill , allen wrench and a set screw. Full fill the cartridge for the printer’s continued performance.

In this article will discuss about how to How to refill a Brother LC61BK Ink Cartridge, the following will show you with the instructions step by step.

The first step: Take the Brother LC61BK cartridge from the printer, and then place it on a flat tabletop or a even surface, please do not forget to put a small paper on the surface which can protect the surface to be dirty or scratch.

The second step: Find the locate of the small hole which on the top of the Brother LC61BK, in order to inject the ink into the Brother LC61BK, then increase the hole by a thumb drill. Please do that carefully, it’s no good ideal to wide the hole to bigger.
The third step: Directly fill about 12ml of black ink into the hole of inkjet-refilling syringe.

The fourth step: Try to push the tip of the syringe into the cartridge, inject the 12ml black ink into the Brother LC61BK carefully.

The final step: Take out of the empty syringe from the Brother LC61BK cartridge .and then screw set screw firmly over the refill hole which can completely cover it.

And then have finished all refill instruction. But here also kindly give you some tips and warnings. Such a refill action only for the aftermarket Brother LC61BK cartridges, it’s not a good idea for the original cartridge.


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  1. Karen says:

    Thanks for the refilling tips for brother cartridges. you mean after market here means comptiable cartridges from off-shore?

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