How to Make an Ink Cartridge Last Longer ?

Once your printer cartridge runs out, you have to replace them with new ones. Over time, their costs keep adding up and your expense will be high. However, there are ways to reduce your expense on the cartridges of your printer. All you need to do is to follow a few steps.

How to Make an Ink Cartridge Last Longer

After clicking print, your print tool box will come up. When that comes up, select “Preferences”. There will be three options. They are “Draft”, “Normal” and “Best”. Choose “Draft” and it will make your printer consume less ink when it’s printing.

When in the “Printing Preferences” window, click “Advanced”. If your printer prints in black and gray, you can save on your color ink. Choose “Print in Grayscale” to print in black and gray.

Use thin fonts rather than thick and big bold letters as possible. If you have to choose a larger point font size for your title’s font, choose gray for the font rather than black or a color.

If a color cartridge isn’t printing all the colors, remove it to wipe its bottom, where the ink flows out. Use a lint-free cloth or a damp paper towel to clear the nozzle. Do not replace it with a new cartridge because that will add up your expense. Unclogging the nozzle will make the colors of ink come out of the cartridge more freely.

If a warning says pop up or the printer light comes on, do not replace the cartridge immediately. Continue to print and you will get hundreds of pages out of a cartridge which is running out its ink. Keep printing until the ink of your print cartridge almost completely runs out.

If your cartridge actually runs out of its ink, there is still way to save on your expense. Return your old cartridges to recycle bins in schools or stores for recycling. If you bring it in Office Depot when you buy your refill cartridge, it will offer you $2.50 off when you make your next cartridge purchase.

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