How to Keep an Ink Cartridge From Drying Out?

Most of you probably don’t know the fact that from the time you’ve installed a cartridge in your printer, you will start to waste money because if you don’t frequently use your printer the cartridge will dry out. If you don’t print every few days and want to save money on these expensive cartridges, there are ways to preserve your cartridges. Here are things you’ll need for your preventative care and management: ink cartridge, tape and air-tight plastic bags.

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If you don’t need to use your printer for at least several weeks, please remove the ink cartridge from the printer. Refer to your printer’s manual or the instructions of the printer manufacturer’s website, do as the directions say to remove both the color cartridges and the black ink cartridges.

Along the top edge of the cartridge usually there are breather holes. Cover the breather holes with tape. Tape them over. This method can help seal the moisture in the ink cartridge to keep the cartridge away from drying out while it’s in storage.

Then use a separate air-tight bag to reserve each cartridge. Ziploc bags are good for reserving cartridges. Label the bags with the date and the color.

Put your cartridges in these air-tight bags and keep them in your refrigerator. The low temperature in a way prevents the color of the ink from degrading. The tape and the air-tight bags both keep your cartridges from exposing to air and drying out.

In summary , there are four simple and easy steps. Follow the instructions in the text above if you don’t frequently use your printer. This will really save you on your expense on cartridges because we all know that cartridges are expensive. Once your cartridges dry out you’ll have to replace them with new ones and over time the costs will add up.


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