How to Find Out the Page Yield of Printer Ink Cartridges ?

As the rapid economic and technology growth needs, Printer is one of the necessities of home and office device. However the cost of replace of ink cartridges will be the most important problem everyone concern about, due to the high cost of the ink cartridges. If you using a laser printer, photo printer or an inkjet printer, the cost may be more high. In order to well note your printer’s cost, the most important thing for the printer owners to do is, to calculate the yield on the cartridges which they have used. Actually the printer suppliers will provide you with an instruction as below to estimate the yield. This will let you know well your costs.

How to Find Out the Page Yield of Printer Ink Cartridges

The first step of the instruction: Take a brand new ink cartridge to instant of the old one for your laser printer, photo printer or inkjet printer. After you finished the install, you have to print a self-test page, this is very important for you. Because this page can show you with the wealth information about your printer, also with the information about the page count. When you want to print a self-test page, firstly, press the “Start” button, and then choose the “Control Panel”, then choose “Printers and Faxes” as the show in your printer, choose the “properties” and press the “Print Test Page” button, there will come out with a test page for you.

The second step of the instruction: Well keep this test page by yourself, please do not lose it or forget it. However, you can go to print as normally as you do. But you should make sure that the black and white is good combination with your printing, if you want to print with color try to use a photo printer of an inkjet printer.

The third step of the instruction: When you receive the warming that saying the ink in your printer is low, or when you find the print quality which you print is deteriorated. Please pay more your attention to the printer. When the “Replace Ink” is alarm flashes, or the print quality is out of your acceptable range, replace the ink cartridge with a new one.

The fourth step of the instruction: also as the last step: Print a new test page from your printer after you finished install the second set of ink cartridges as the first step you do. Find the page count on this new test page, compare this new page count to the old one as you printed before. Add the new number from the old one; this is your true print yield. And then you can calculate how much for you cost for the printing.

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