How to Creat a Default PDF Printer Setting

It requires you to spend some effort in choosing a default printer because there are many printing options available. This will become more of a problem when you work from a network. Besides, there are also various default options for you to choose when you are establishing your settings. PDF printing is confronted with the same situation. It’s not a physical printer. Just follow a few simple and easy steps and you can adjust the default setting in the same way as you adjust other printers. You’ll need a PDF writing program when you do PDF printing.

Firstly, click once on both the Windows “Start” button and “Settings”. Select “Printers and Faxes”. And a window which lists all printers available will pop up.

Secondly, right click the “PDF” printing icon. Select “Printer Preferences”. “Adobe PDF” is used in this example. And a “Preferences” window will pop up.

Thirdly, to choose the default settings that are needed for PDF printing, you can use the tabs on the “Preferences” window. Keep in mind that most of the print settings of this (except printer trays ) are the same as with a regular printer. Click “OK” to save the default setting you need.

Right click the “PDF” printing icon once. Choose “Set as Default Printer”. And then the PDF writing program will be used as the default print option for all of your programs. Near the PDF print icon, a check mark can be found.


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