How to Capture the Perfect Shot with Powerful Metz Flash ?

You need to use a powerful Metz flash if you want to capture a perfect picture in multiplesettings. If you still confused about the effect of your flash after consulting the guidebook,you could follow the steps below to try again.

Metz 44 AF-1 mecablitz Digital Flash for Canon Camera


1.fill flash

If your target subject of the character face is shaded, the easiest approach is to use a powerful Metz flash as your fill light. That is to say you should add some artificial light to the shaded area. When you decide to take some images outside, you just need to turn on the Metz flash and then the flash will help you produce brilliant pictures.

2.hide the trace of flash

If you can discover the trace of your flash in the photos, maybe the photos can be considered a failure. You could set your flash brighter than your environment .Meanwhile;you also need to make it natural. At least, the pictures should not be recognized shot withflash. Here is a tip. You can let your flash shine near the target but not shine on it. Maybe it is too difficult for you novice. Perhaps, you can purchase a reflector. It would be more convenient for beginners.

3.weaken the hardness of light with a diffuser

When you take pictures with a Metz flash, the diffuser is indispensable. A good diffuser can soften the flash light so that you can produce high quality photos. In fact, you could make a diffuser by yourself. The material can be milk box or other kinds of paper.

4. Increase the space of light source

If you find that a portion of your photos is shaded unexpectedly, please increase the space of light source and then soften the Metz flash light. In addition, the most effective way is bounce flash. You could bounce the flash to the wall behind the target or bounce it to theceiling. Besides, you can not always reflect the flash at 60 degrees or 45 degrees.

5. Use off-camera flash if you don’t have a diffuser

If you want to take a brilliant image without diffuser, you could use you off-camera flash. The off-camera lead flashing line is very cheap but very useful. You should install the flash on the hot shoe and then place it by the side of your camera. This can avoid your photos seem to be stiff.


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