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With the advent of the information age, the speed and the quality of the network are both becoming the important parts in our work or normal life. Therefore, the network cables also become an essential part of network. The good network cables could enable a better environment of surfing the internet. If you need to get some nice network cables, here’s the ideal places for you:primecables.com.


There are mainly 3 kinds of network cables in the market among which the Cat5 network cables is the one with longer history.. This Cat5 network cables adopt the high quality environmental-friendly PVC cover therefore it’s non-poisonous. The 24K gold plated plugs is fashion but also durable. According to Cat5 standard, the cables has the structure of four twisted cores. The head of this cables choose to use the high quality plug which could improve the ability of anti-interference and shielding. The pin is also golden plated 15U which could resist 180 degree twist seven times. The cat5 cables adopt the protective jacket to protect the plug in case of breaking which show it’s humanization. The protective jacket is made by injection molding in a time and enjoys the ability of stable and durable. The cover material also meet the standard of the international environment like SGS. This cables is suitable for the transmission between computer and interchanger, ADSL, router, digital set-top box, television and etc.

With the improvement on the basic of Car5, the manufacturers innovates the Cat6 cables after the Cat5. The Cat6 network cable get a higher speed of the internet which is up to 1000Mbps and 250 MHZ for the bandwidth. This kind of network cable also adopts the flat and thin design therefore is more convenient and easy for the user to manage the cables.

And nowadays, most of the users choose Cat7 network cables for the sake of the fact that this cables represent the hightest speed of internet. What’s more, this cables could also apply to the products for Cat3 and Cat 5. This Cat7 adopts the technique of double twisted core and fine cooper therefore could guarantee the ability of transmission. For the plug side, the tabletting of trunking matches perfectly and also adopts the technique of metal contacts and the structure of 8P8C double row connected.

If you still unsatisfied by the speed of internet, maybe there’s still one way could help you and that’s choose the Cat7. For more information, please click in:primecables.com.


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