VOKING VK430 TTL Flash For Nikon

This VK430 TTL Flash, supporting Nikon i-TTL system, now is 50 percent off, which offers the most at the best price now! What it got: manual zooming, rear-curtain sync, wireless trigger sensor, overheating proction, memory function, metal hot-shoe stand and LCD panel user interface. You can check or make settings even if you are in the dark environment with its LCD panel user interface. As for its rear-curtain sync, it’s possible to capture the track of a moving object. This VK430 also supports memory function, which means that it will automatically store your operation setting. You will find out that this function is really useful when you want to use that setting once again. The overheating protection will start to protect your speedlite after your excessive use gives it excessive heat and when the it cools down to the normal temperature you’ll be able to use it again. The whole duration will take about 2 minutes.

VOKING VK430 TTL Flash For Nikon

There are there modes that this Camera flash for Nikon supports and they are TTL, Manual and Multi. The latter two modes make sure that users can control the camera and compose more freely. Its GN42 is at ISO100 and 105mm. You can use PC port for triggering by the way of cable or by non-hot-shoe triggers. After firing on full power, it only takes 3 seconds for the recycling time. This VK430 is compatible with crop-size and full-size sensors. Its manual zoom includes 18,20,24,28,35,50,.70,80,105,135,150 and 180mm.You can vertically or horizontally rotate it. Its vertical rotation angle ranges from -7_90 degrees while its horizontal rotation degrees from 0 to 270 degree. It supports 4 x AA size batteries and Alkaline or Ni-MH are also usable. It’s got a wide-angle diffuser to support focal length,which can be drawn out or hidden. With its flash exposure compensation +-5EV in 1/3 EV steps,it allows you to take satisfying pictures.

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