The New USB 3.0 for the New Device

Have you ever try the new USB 3.0 cable? If you don’t, you do need to get one and replace all the old cable by this new one. Then you could know how the greatest experience could be under the fastest internet speed. What’s more, this high quality USB 3.0 is on sale now! You could get this finest cable with only $3.69, 58% cheaper than the normal price.

The USB 3.0 is known for the it’s high speed and stability. The flat shape design of this cable also enjoy a strong ability of anti-interference and great ductility. This high quality USB 3.0 cable adopts the fine cooper wire with lower impedance and higher velocity. The highest transmission rate of the USB 3.0 is up to 5.0 Gbps, 625MB/s in the other terms. This USB 3.0 is suitable for the mobile hard disk drive, IP camera, the video monitor, digital camera, printer and etc. With the standard size of USB 3.0, this cable could provide the transmission rate of 5.0 Gbps in the broadband situation. What’s more, the effectiveness of power supply is 20% higher than the former generation with the stronger ability of extension and stability.

The New USB 3.0 adopts the high quality pure cooper with the high standard of 7/0.127 wire diameter. The section surface of this kind of wire diameter is 30% larger than the normal wire therefore could have a higher rate of conductivity and better extension of the signal. The supplier also choose the nice PVC flat wire in order to guarantee the abundant electric supply to the equipment.

The shape of this New USB 3.0 cable is also simple but clean. The manufacturer design the appearance of this cable again then change it into the simple and delicacy one. This new cable also could show the flat structure design in the current. When you choose to use this cable, you could say goodbye to all the mess wire and enjoy an clean world. The New USB 3.0 also imports the technique of double aluminum foll shielding and the inner shielding therefore improve the ability of anti-interference over 40%. If you need to use this cable, you could plug it into the computer without any installation which is quite convenient and fast.

Here’s the best chance to improve your computer situation and the first step you should do is get this new USB 3.0 cable for you computer. For more information, please goes to


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