The most Cost-effective JINBEI Spark Kit 2

Here is the most Cost-effective JINBEI Spark Kit, if you need some JINBEI Spark products, you got the right place. JINBEI Spark Kit 2 including 2 sets of SPARK-300 Studio Flash, TR-A8 Digital Trigger, 2 sets of M-60*90 Soft box, 2 sets of JB-220 Aluminum Light Stand and a Standard kit bag. However, it only costs $549.99 for there is a 21% discount of $699.99. As a client using JINBEI products, you should know how cost-effective of JINBEI Spark Kit 2 is. Just online, taking the including things in JINBEI Spark Kit 2, you should pay for a lot more. The 2 sets of SPARK-300 Studio Flash here are all made with Aluminum alloy construction cover that firm and durable. Its Portable light and compact structure made it exactly suitable for outdoor photography. And its cooling fan with air flow design ensures the request for long time and high pressure work. The inner overheated alert device protects circuit effectively and extend lifetime. With it, 1% flash output precision, steady performance, multi-function and fast recycle time can be achieved. The all kinds of modeling lamp control function, full/proportion/off mode fit for different photography request. And it accepts all Bowens accessories, suitable for art, portrait, children, family, certificate, still life, net shop goods photography, etc. If you buy one SPARK-300 Studio Flash separately, you should pay for $159.80 in most shop online, while our Price is $126.00. You can also at least save $33.80.

The TR-A8 Digital Trigger included here adopts advanced MCU control technology. It is with high anti-jamming capacity and low power consumption. And the response speed is faster. The 12V 23A batteries it applied and the dormancy mode all can extend the service life. Moreover, it has 16 independent channels, the effective responsive distance can reach 30 meters and may adapt to different shooting demands. When Separate sell, JINBEI Tr-A8 Digital Trigger TRA8 cost $35.99. The 2 sets of JB-220 Aluminum Light Stand here also cost $116.13 / piece, even discount Price is $110.32 / piece. Not to say there has including 2 sets of M-60*90 Soft box and a standard kit bag. Just the M-60*90 Soft box with speed ring and front diffuser measures 60x90cm, has been developed to offer photographers the very highest-quality light source at a very modest cost. Their silver interior and shallow construction offer a high degree of efficiency while a translucent diffuser ensures even light distribution. For a completely even spread of light an internal diffuser has been included to minimize the possibility of hotspots. To ensure easy transportation of your soft box a simple zip up carry case is included as well as a speed ring. Only one of SB60x90 costs $49.99.

Make a calculation, you can found the JINBEI Spark Kit 2 SPK2 at least worthy of over $699.99. So, the SPK2 is really cost-effective to take. I’m sure you will use all the things included. As they can keep long, it is better to take a JINBEI Spark Kit 2 to save a lot of money. Opportunity will not come back if missed. No hesitation, make a deal in our store, you can share a free shipping as well. And we’ll ship and deliver it for you as quickly as possible; I promise you won’t need to wait for long.


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