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Manfrotto MT294A4 tripod
The 4 section MT294A4 tripod is the larger tripod of the 290 family that combines great performance with compact dimension. The large tubes and the new top casting made with high quality aluminum guarantee great rigidity and light weight, while the 4 sections make this tripod the best solution for compactness.

Manfrotto 293A4 Alu Tripod
The MT293A4 is the most compact tripod in the 290 family. Ideal for traveling, the 4 section tripod is the best solution for compactness. The anti-shock collar protects your camera from accidental impact, while the 3 faced design column prevents rotation to allow for increased accuracy and steadfastness.

Manfrotto 190XB Tripod with 804RC2 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head Kit
Photo kit with 804RC2 head and 190XB tripod. Newly redesigned, the 190XB tripod is lighter in weight and slightly more compact. The ergonomics of the leg angle release mechanism and the quick action leg locks themselves have also been greatly improved. The 804RC2 is a 3-way photo head constructed of ultra-durable and lightweight technical polymer.

Manfrotto 293 Carbon Fiber Tripod
Fabricated from a strong but lightweight polymer, the MH293D3-Q2 three-way pan head features a quick release with camera plate, three bubble levels for accurate framing and a unique mechanism that allows you to fold the handles parallel to the tripod for tighter, more convenient packing.

Manfrotto 055XB Tripod
The Manfrotto 055XB Aluminum Tripod Kit with 804RC2 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head from Photogear is comprised of the three-section, aluminum alloy 055XB tripod legs with independent leg angle selection, a minimum height of 2.8″ and a maximum height of 70″. The tripod is paired in this kit with the 804RC2 three-way pan/tilt head which offers -30° / +90° front and lateral tilt as well as 360 ° panning.

Manfrotto 498RC2 Midi Ball Head with 200PL-14 QR Plate
Cameras are attached to the ball head with the 200PL-14 Plate and RC2 Quick Release with 1/4” male threads. The head to tripod attachment has 3/8” female threads. Additionally, the Quick Release has a safety system to prevent an accidental detaching from the head.

Manfrotto MT294C3 Carbon Fiber Tripod
The Manfrotto MT294C3 Carbon Fiber Tripod is one of the larger tripods in the 290 family. It provides solid support for a DSLR or other camera with carbon fiber leg tubes. It uses a next-generation carbon tubing, an innovative composite tube with optimized fiber angles that provide lightness and stability.

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